Men's 200 metres heats at Hampden Park during day seven of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games on July 30, 2014 in Glasgow, United Kingdom.
Antoine Adams, Mens 200m_9988Antoine Adams, Mens 200m_9988_1Chris Clarke, Mens 200m_9903Chris Clarke, Mens 200m_9905Chris Clarke, Mens 200m_9909Chris Clarke, Mens 200m_9912Chris Clarke, Mens 200m_9914Chris Clarke, Mens 200m_9957Daniel Bailey _ 25417Daniel Bailey,Mens 200m_9768Daniel Bailey,Mens 200m_9769Danny Talbot, Mens 200m_9927Danny Talbot, Mens 200m_9930Danny Talbot, Mens 200m_9932Danny Talbot, Mens 200m_9933Danny Talbot, Mens 200m_9935Danny Talbot, Mens 200m_9934Danny Talbot, Mens 200m_9936Danny Talbot, Mens 200m_9937Danny Talbot, Mens 200m_9938